Broetzmann/Harth live in Mainz & Berlin

Alfred 23 Harth & Peter Broetzmann
recorded live at AStA Sommerfest Mainz, 1986.6.26. and
at FMP Studio Wedding, Berlin, 1988.5.22

mastered at LaubhuetteStudio Moonsun 2012
Laubhuette Production (LP) M 39

Brocken Biest 01/01

late issue of A23H's broken beat album from January 2001
live mixed at HolzhausenStudio Frankfurt/Main
containing fragments of my 1996 remix album „Pollock“,
my album production „Parallelaktion“ , 1995,
and my remix album „Anything Goes“ , 1986
cover art by A23H from 1963
Laubhuette Production (LP) M 29

review by Massimo Ricci

listen to track 1

Memoria Eschatologica

A 23 minutes radio play „Memoria Eschatologica“ – Havarieprotocol of the desaster in Tchernobyl.

composed in 1992, remodelt at LaubhuetteStudio Moonsun in 2011
(LP) M 33



This is a first best-of compilation out of three 90 min. cassettes.
15 cassettes still to check...
Nicole van den Plas - piano, voice, zither, perc.
Alfred Harth - ss, ts, cl, bcl, zither, perc
LP M36

Radio Plays (selection)

radio play Wenn Gott tot ist, dann ist er im Himmel with original interviews of Jean Baudrillard, Villem Flusser, Friedrich Kittler, Peter Frank, Christina von Braun, G.J.Lischka (1989)
two more radio plays: Vol de nuit and Lorita, words from & read by Juergen Ploog (1989)
LP M25

Duo Goebbels/Harth unreleased

Duo Goebbels/Harth - many so far unreleased compositions & impros of nearly one hour.
1979 recorded live in Freiburg.
+ last studio recordings of the Duo Goebbels/Harth with Heiner Goebbels on church organ (1987).

Photo by schalljupp, 1980