born free

Two short excerpts from the 3LP born free,Scout 11-CBS of the 12th German Jazz Festival in Frankfurt am Main.

First take is the festival appearence of Alfred Harth's group "just music".
The second is the "European Free Jazz Orchestra des Art Ensembles of Chicago" with
Lester Bowie,Joseph Jarman,Roscoe Mitchell,Malachi Favors,Karin Krog,Jeanne Lee, Alfred Harth,Frederic Rabold,Herbert Joos,Michael Sell,Manfred Schoof,Paul Rutherford,Albert Mangelsdorff,Gunter Christmann,Heinz Sauer,Gerd Dudek,Axel Hennies,Dieter Scherf,Michael Thielepape,Joachim Kühn,Gunter Hampel,Claus Bühler,Peter Stock,Gerhard König,Rainer Grimm

recorded March 22nd,1970
cover art by A23H